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Healthy spending made effortlessly.

Less Robinhood YOLOs, and more strategic planning around your goals. Better budgeting tools and wealth tracking across all your accounts.

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Secure management

All your accounts, one dashboard.

Ten accounts? Four banks? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive dashboards. One account to rule them all.

Connect once, we’ll handle the rest securely. No more digging through accounts to find that transaction from last week.

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Personalized insights

Informed budget management

Keep track of subscriptions and recurring bills with ease. You’ll know where your money goes before it’s gone.

You’ll be kept in the loop to manage unexpected charges before they show up on your next bill.

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“This will seriously be a game changer. Get ready for the best thing to come to your finances.”

Ryan Johnson

Principal Product Design, Dribbble

No boundaries

Easily swap money between all your accounts

We’re big believers in paying yourself first. Set automated transfers between accounts and banks to make your pay work for you.

Quickly create and cancel transfers to align with your investment goals.

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Net worth

Grow your savings

Track your net worth over time and overview your current portfolio.

Better yet, view trendlines for specific accounts to better inform future decisions.

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We won’t sell or spam your email. Scouts honour.